Wayne Kessler of Kessler Coaching We’re here with me Yi Luo of Eastway Acupuncture who has acupuncture offices in norwood mass in brookline mass here getting people now eighty eighty v v with the right here their friend instant medicine practices what services there’s your clinical are for for people… Continue Reading ADHD Treatment Alternatives to Medication,Interview with Yi Luo, Eastway Acupuncture

It may seem counterintuitive, but there are many instances where science can actually hold us back from new discoveries and knowledge. Unfortunately, mainstream science is quick to discount anything which cannot be physically seen or felt, making notions like ‘energy points’ within the body seem like pure science fiction. But… Continue Reading How Qi (Chi) Energy Flows Through The 12 Meridian Points Within Your Body

Hi, this is Joe from Vice. I’m going to get some needles stuck in my face. – Hello. – Hi there. You’re going to feel a heavy sensation. Don’t be surprised. Let me know if it’s too painful. Okay, here we go. – How is it? – It feels strange.… Continue Reading 人面に鍼100本! – Facial Acupuncture

I want to give a special shout out to Dr. Tony Willcox. Because, I have been dealing with elbow problems for the past two years. I’ve had tendonitis in my elbow. My right elbow on both sides. I play a lot of tennis, I play golf and the thought of… Continue Reading Acupuncture Testimonial for Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

In Japanese culture there’s a huge emphasis on mastery You see it in the way people prepare food You see it in the way people do martial arts And you see it in the world of acupuncture Well, I’m back in Japan And I’m back in Asakusa, the temple It’s… Continue Reading Toyohari in Japan – Training with the Blind Acupuncturists

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[birds chirping] [traffic noises] [Windchimes] Ughhhhh, the 405 was like a parking lot. I swear to God… …it rains, and people just turn into these idiots. It’s like the worse thing ever. I sat in traffic foreverrrr. And then I couldn’t find parking. [Laughs] Breathe into it. So stressed. It’s… Continue Reading HelLA – Epic Fail: ‎Acupuncture‬