but we’ll see um I’m fine with whatever happens I’m excited that I’m progressing well and I’m just gonna continue to do the best that I can do and the things that are not in my control I’m not gonna freak out over I’m just gonna let it happen and… Continue Reading IUI Cycle Monitoring and Acupuncture (New Place!)

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Dame cuter is a recognized acupuncturists to British in a of traditional Chinese medicine the uprights on the Glenbrook holistic health center in the picturesque Blue Mountains village Glenn Burke his treatments including acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine Chinese massage moxibustion and copping the new conditions that a treatable by acupuncture… Continue Reading acupuncture blue mountains

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hopefully like my lining is like six, it should be six by now but if it’s like not quite eight she’ll give me another day and we’ll do the IUI on Saturday that’s sort of hoping for Hey Fertility Fam! today is Wednesday May 23rd happy hump day to you… Continue Reading Acupuncture To Thicken Endometrium Lining Quick | Is this the Fix?

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