Dame cuter is a recognized acupuncturists to British in a of traditional Chinese medicine the uprights on the Glenbrook holistic health center in the picturesque Blue Mountains village Glenn Burke his treatments including acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine Chinese massage moxibustion and copping the new conditions that a treatable by acupuncture… Continue Reading acupuncture blue mountains

Hey guys, so today I’m going to talk to you about Acupuncture and thanks to my friend Maryna over there. She in~ she invited us today to do Acupuncture, so we’re going to have beauty effects Slimming detox healthy effects, although I must say that you need to do it… Continue Reading Anti-aging Face Lifting Acupuncture – China Edition

Thread acupuncture proven to be effective treatment for weight loss “Frozen-aged-beauties” are the talk of the town, triggering a weight loss craze among middle aged women But most of them do not have the right strategy: They either cut out carbohydrates or do not eat anything at all Which can… Continue Reading Thread acupuncture proven to be effective treatment for weight-loss

Have you ever wondered how to explain acupuncture to either a patient or another physician in just two minutes? On November forum this year Dr. Jingduan Yang did exactly that. Actually that was happening before we started. A cardio heart surgeon came to me said, Jing can you explain to… Continue Reading How To Explain Acupuncture In 2 Minutes

Hi there I’m Dr. Adrian Larsen today I’m gonna show you my protocol for auriculotherapy for weight control. Now, Auriculotherapy, sometimes called ear acupuncture is a great way to help people who want to lose weight when you combine it with sensible diet, maybe some exercise. We’ll be treating several… Continue Reading Ear Acupuncture for Weight Loss