I am pleased to welcome everybody today. I’m Dr Adrian Larsen with Miridia Technology and today, I get the special role in this webinar of introducing Kimberly and turning the whole thing over to her which I’m excited about because I know what she’s gonna present. I’ve been watching her… Continue Reading How to be GREAT at Treating Pain – One Acupuncturist’s Life Changing Discovery

Welcome to Doyle Chiropractic, specializing in chiropractic care in and around Huntersville North Carolina. We provide acupuncture care to patients needing complimentary treatment for their injuries. Combining acupuncture with chiropractic care has proven to enhance the results of health care treatments. Chiropractic adjustments improve communication between the brain and the… Continue Reading Acupuncture Huntersville NC | Huntersville NC Acupuncture

今天要給你們示範一下怎麼樣針灸 Today, I will demonstrate how to apply needle to 曲泉 “Qu Quan” 譚老師的曲泉穴 Dr. Tan’s “Qu Quan” point 我們叫譚肝 譚肝是曲泉 We call it “Tan Gan”, Tan Gan is “Qu Quan” 那現在呢 你們可以看一下 它的位置呢 是在這個地方 Now, you can see it’s position is located here 來 這個地方哦 整個這個地方都是 Come, this area… Continue Reading The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method: How to needle Dr Tan’s Liver Point. 譚肝 Instant Results