Hi this is Dr. Andrea Furlan here and today we’re going to talk about myofascial pain. Well myofascial pain is very very common what happens is: Is muscle pain. And muscles we have everywhere in the body. We have morel muscles than we have bones. And normal muscle doesn’t hurt.… Continue Reading Myofascial Pain Syndrome by Dr. Andrea Furlan MD PhD

This video describes what causes migraines and how to greatly reduce them. It focuses on acupuncture treatments but towards the end of the video I also demonstrate some acupressure points that you can use on yourself to ease or help prevent migraines. So, what causes a migraine? The short answer… Continue Reading Migraine: causes, treatment and prevention; including migraine acupressure points

Name? – Abhi ram Age? How many Treatments have been completed? – 4 Before Height was? – 167 cm Now, in how many days? – 2 days

[music] Voice-over: Welcome to Spotlight on Migraine, a podcast series hosted by the Association of Migraine Disorders. Through personal stories and interviews with experts, we expose the true scope of migraine by exploring symptoms, treatments, research topics, and more. This episode is brought to you in part by our generous… Continue Reading An Introduction to Acupuncture – Episode 23 – Spotlight on Migraine

To needle Small Intestine 5 use a perpendicular insertion to a maximum depth of 1/2 cun

SARAH HAUER: Hi. I’m Sarah Hauer. SIG HAUER: And I’m Sig Hauer, and we’re professional practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. SARAH HAUER: We’re here on behalf of Expert Village. SIG HAUER: And welcome to our video. I’m thinking of a migraine case, a lady in her early 50s who had… Continue Reading Treating Common Ailments With Acupuncture : Treating Migraines With Acupuncture

To needle Baxie points use a perpendicular insertion to a maximum depth of 1/2 cun Usually a depth of a 1/4 cun is adequate

To needle Small Intestine 13 use an oblique 45-degree insertion to a maximum depth of 1/2 cun

To needle Small Intestine 6 use an oblique or perpendicular insertion to a maximum depth of 1/2 cun