Normal tongue mobility is an important factor in speech development. However in a newborn, it is also essential for breastfeeding. It is not uncommon that a child is born with a mucosal flap under the tongue tip causing relative immobility leading to breastfeeding difficulties. This is known as tongue tie.… Continue Reading Tongue Tie Release Treatment

Researchers think that natural fruit antioxidants could help to reduce a key cause of migraines. Free radicals from junk food and pollution could be to blame for those terrible headaches. Could the American muscadine grape help? Afterall, the muscadine is America’s strongest grape. Please click on the link to find… Continue Reading Migraine Pain Relief and Anti Oxidants

By Aku’s will, you will die in here. There is NO hope for you foolish Samurai, Aku is the Master of Masters and will END you! No matter what you have planned for me I will never buckle, never waver! Your death is certain, Aku desires it! Aku has made… Continue Reading Jack and Ashi bond in the Hail of Blades – Samurai Jack S5E4