Attache two balls One of them smaller, for the head the other ball will be the body attache the parts, poke the needle all the way around, as shown poke from one ball to the other in both directions Turn the elf and poke the base so that it is… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Duende

Begin by felting the front Fins I’ve used unbleached wool and then Cover it up with the green one But you should use the green on Straight away, it will be faster You can use a mold to Keep the proportions Repeat this process for The back fins Add on… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Tartaruguinha 2/2 – Needle Felting – Turtle

Tip number 1: Always keep your fingers in a position that is visible. The felting needle is very sharp and it hurts a lot when we poke a finger. So always hold the piece in a way that you can see your fingers to not occur an accident. Tip number… Continue Reading 12 Dicas de Feltragem para Iniciantes – Santa Meada – Needle Felting – Tips

Begin by wrapping up the unbleached wool In a cylinder shape This will be the fox’s body Felt it to keep the shape Make a smaller ball for the head Join the parts by felting them together Poke it all over it On both directions Some extra wool on the… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Raposa – Needle Felting – Fox

Felting is the name of the technique used for molding wool’s fibers making the most diverse items there are basically two techniques for felting wool, wet felting and needle felting each of these techniques is capable of produce different results Wet felting is a very old technique, in fact it… Continue Reading O que é feltragem e as diferentes técnicas

Hi guys! I made this video to show you the basic material of the needle felting. So what we need is core wool, soft base and special needle for felting The fiber that most people use here in Brazil, the most common is sheep’s wool the ones that we find… Continue Reading Materiais Básicos para Feltragem com Agulha – Iniciantes

Start by separating a piece of core wool Felt it in a cylindrical format. It will be the body and head of the little mouse Poke with the needle all the way around to shape the body.  and neck Make two balls and apply as shown Apply a thin layer… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Ratinho

Begin by feeling the body, neck and head Made a unique piece with core wool I wrapped the core wool tight in stick Make the body bigger than neck The part reserved for the neck will need less wool than the rest And a little bit more for the head… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Girafinha

Material: colorful wool (I used corriedale wool) medium and thin felting needle, thread and needle (optional) Shape the wool into a two balls as shown to make the head and body I used white wool, but if you prefer you can use core wool in this first step Wrap as… Continue Reading Feltragem com agulha – Coelhinho – Needle Felting – Bunny

Hello good day. I hope the sound is good for you Today we’ll make this beautiful BB8 Today’s technique is called felting. To make the body and the head of BB8 I used a foam base and then pricked wool that basis. Until the desire format To the straight base… Continue Reading DIY – BB-8 Plush (Star Wars) Needle Felting – Feltragem a Seco