I Recently went to a hotel which unfortunately didn’t have free Wi-Fi. However, it did have paid Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi login page looks something like this. It had a place to put in the access code and also a place to get one. The place we’re going to be focusing… Continue Reading Hacking a hotel’s system for free Wifi with SQL Injection

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the Flame 2020.2 update… Two new machine learning models… have been introduced into the Flame products. So part 5 in the Machine Learning Series… Introduces Human Body Extraction… And Human Head Extraction. Both machine learning models… allow Flame to look at… Continue Reading Machine Learning – Part 5 – Human Body & Human Head Extraction – Flame 2020.2

Bill: I come in today as a dancing human. My collaborator is a machine that doesn’t really know what a dancing human is. Mutaurwa: So, this project came about, and I guess it’s so much more of an experiment than a project because we don’t know what is about to… Continue Reading Body, Movement, Language: AI Sketches with Bill T. Jones

It is estimated that diseases causing brain dysfunction affect almost every Finn or a person close to them. Neurological diseases do not always appear on the surface, so diagnosis is slow. We wanted to change this. Patient treatment is based on research and one of the challenges has been data… Continue Reading Neurocenter Finland – Agile AI solution speeds up research and makes treatment more efficient

In the movie Self/Less, which hits theaters July 10th, Sir Ben Kingsley transfers his consciousness to Ryan Reynold’s body in an effort to stay alive forever, and effectively become immortal in a process called ‘shedding’. Which sounds pretty awesome – I mean who wouldn’t want more time to accomplish their… Continue Reading Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?