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This series is called “Flow State” because it’s all about finding the rhythm of your own practice. There’s very limited instruction in all of these classes. It’s about you finding your own zone, finding your own rhythm, and moving at your own pace. Two symmetrical back bends – any two… Continue Reading Tune Into Your Body with Patrick Beach’s Flow State Series

hello friends, I am dr avishek, today I will talk about leucorrhoea, commonly known as white discharge. or in Ayurveda its known as SWETA PRADAR. In this video I will give you permanent cure for leucorrhoea, and few important things about leucorrhoea that all ladies should know. so watch this… Continue Reading #Leucorrhoea in hindi #श्वेतप्रदर का इलाज #white discharge cure in ayurveda #Dravishekayurveda

We’re all trying to help each other. We’re all trying to progress… I see a lot of miracles at Turning Point. I see people change their lives. I see the staff and the people working there. They’re all trying to help. They’re all… we just have a purpose to help… Continue Reading Finding The Right Treatment Facility – Get a Second Chance at Life with Turning Point Centers

I am your Stomach, I’m full of acid, And I digest all of your food… I am your stomach, My Job is MASSIVE! Now join me to learn about all the thing that I do! When you swallow what you eat your esophagus works with me To bring the food… Continue Reading Human Body for Kids/Stomach Song/Human Body Systems

Yeah Halloween which means it’s time to violate doctor patient confidentiality with America’s scariest game show. What’s in your body. Well. Thanks fellas. You in top form tonight. Now without this first hole none of us would be here today. Of course we’re talking about the butthole. If you dig… Continue Reading 22 Toothbrushes and Counting: The Best of “What’s in Your Body?” – Tosh.0

You can’t have Halloween without candy, and the new Candy Crush Friends app is available now. The game has friends that can help you along the way and give you more opportunities to win. It’s time to play Trick or Treating with Candy Crush Friends. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. All right,… Continue Reading Knock Knock, It’s ‘Trick-or-Treating with Candy Crush Friends’!