Like it or not, people are making snap decisions about you all the time and oftentimes, they do it without even letting you speak. Quite frankly, you do the same thing to them which is why in this video, Valentine’s Day is coming so, we’re going to do three subtle… Continue Reading 3 Body Language Tips To Instantly Look More Attractive

Jonathan Joestar, the protagonist of Phantom Blood and a fighter in the Kaleb’s favorite Joestar competition. It’s either him or Giorno, and I still haven’t found a winner. If you have neither as your favorite joestar, then that’s respectable and you’re entitled to your own opinion. Jonathan isn’t the most… Continue Reading Jonathan Joestar: The Pain of Nobility

My goal today is to get the shady dealings I’ve experienced out in the open both for people looking to buy tablets, AND for artists who will get contacted by these companies with offers to receive a “free” tablet to review. I should mention overall I’ve had ok experiences with… Continue Reading I’m Quitting: Painful Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews [Scribble Kibble #106]

Hey guys, Dr. Berg here. In this short video we’re going to show you two different simple home tests that you can do for adrenal fatigue. All you need is a flashlight. Number one, the holding your breath test. Now one good indication of adrenal fatigue is the ability to… Continue Reading Two Simple Tests for Adrenal Fatigue

LAST TIME ON JOURNEY TO THE WEST: Uh, let’s see… Everyone got kidnapped, Monkey killed the two guys who did it and got a lot of swag, but then he had to give up the swag, and also the two guys weren’t dead after all, but at least the kidnapping… Continue Reading Legends Summarized: The Journey To The West (Part VI)

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday. So in last week’s video I said, “You’ll never guess where I’m going next.” And your lovely wife commented “It was a toss up between whether you were going to the dentist or the airport, honestly.” Well, the joke’s on you Katherine, because I’m at… Continue Reading On Pain