Complementary medicines including herbal medicines and nutritional supplements are playing an increasing role in healthcare, there is significant demand from consumers about information on their appropriate use we know that 50% of herbal medicines and complementary medicines are purchased from pharmacy. Pharmacists at the forefront of healthcare are ideally positioned… Continue Reading Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines

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Mr. Beat presents Supreme Court Briefs New Orleans, Louisiana 1867 3,000 residents die from cholera, a horrible disease characterized by having violent diarrhea until you’re dehydrated. How did they get cholera? From drinking the water. This is not surprising, as New Orleans water at the time was filthy. The president… Continue Reading How Animal Guts Gutted the 14th Amendment | The Slaughterhouse Cases

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Approximately one-quarter of the people in the world have latent tuberculosis infection, with the risk of activation, which can threaten the health of the individual and close contacts. For latent TB infection, 9-months of treatment with isoniazid can prevent active disease. But because of hepatotoxicity and poor completion rates, an… Continue Reading Treating Latent Tuberculosis

Hey it’s Dr. Walter here from Back To Health Chiropractic Centre, right here in the beautiful city of Vaughan. Thanks for coming to this video, whether you are on live or watching it later on, on this Facebook post. I’m the author who wrote this book Back to Health by… Continue Reading Ice vs Heat to Relieve Back Pain by Chiropractor in Vaughan Dr. Walter Salubro