Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Living Values. Thank you so much. We were talking about how to change children using our thoughts. Earlier we had believed about them that they are like that.… Continue Reading Prevent Pain & Disease In The Body: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

Hey guys! Now a lot of people out there in the world asked this question: if God exists and if it’s a God of love then why would he allow so much suffering and pain in the world to exist? This is a very important question and I used to… Continue Reading Why does GOD allow PAIN AND SUFFERING? If He exists and is love?

(insistent knocking) (dog barks) – Hey it’s okay big guy. What up, dude? Come on in. (western cowboy music) My name is James Lawrence, I’m the iron cowboy and this is my gym. It just came into my head 50-50-50. 50 ironmans, 50 states, in just 50 days. – That’s… Continue Reading Triathlon Pain Caves: The Iron Cowboy’s Dream Home Gym Tour

Another bill in the legislature would decriminalize clean needle exchanges which supporters say would help prevent opioid related deaths. Well, a number of states have already done, so not everyone in Arizona is sold on the idea. For insight, I’m joined by Stephanie Innes, health Lorraine for The Arizona Republic.… Continue Reading Push to decriminalize clean needle exchanges in Arizona back in legislature

welcome to another MedCram update let’s talk about California and testing but before we do let’s just review total confirm eighty 2164 total deaths 2800 oh one total recovered thirty two thousand eight hundred and ninety seven we see more of a continuation of what we’ve been seeing in the… Continue Reading Coronavirus Epidemic Update 27: Testing accuracy for COVID-19 (CT Scan vs. RT-PCR), California Cases

AMNA NAWAZ: Now the story behind one woman’s decision to blow the whistle on a culture of harassment and discrimination at one of the highest-flying start-ups in America. William Brangham is here now with the latest addition to the “NewsHour” Bookshelf. Four years ago, Susan Fowler was excited to start… Continue Reading Uber whistleblower Susan Fowler details harassment, retaliation in new book

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Lisa Mondiello. And I am a registered nurse at Hospital for Special Surgery. And I take care of patients after they have had orthopedic surgery. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of joint disease in the world. I see, firsthand, the pain… Continue Reading Osteoarthritis Treatment

thanks for joining us for our second video in the corona virus if this is the first video you’re seeing on that please go back to our first video to get the introduction about what exactly is this coronavirus of 2019 they’re calling it as it turns out it was… Continue Reading Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Vaccine Status

howdy everyone Aaron Boster here and thank you for learning about MS with me it ain’t gorgeous Saturday the very beginning of February and I have been looking forward all week to jumping on line and joining you this growing global online community I am so excited to reconnect it’s… Continue Reading Multiple Sclerosis Live Stream: Alternative Medicine and Medical Marijuana

This video describes what causes migraines and how to greatly reduce them. It focuses on acupuncture treatments but towards the end of the video I also demonstrate some acupressure points that you can use on yourself to ease or help prevent migraines. So, what causes a migraine? The short answer… Continue Reading Migraine: causes, treatment and prevention; including migraine acupressure points