Well, first of all, I think it’s important to make physicians and other practitioners aware of what data now exists, because in many cases there’s a lot of evidence out there but it’s in places that conventional doctors don’t look or don’t know to look. Secondly, there is often not… Continue Reading The Advantages of Integrative Medicine

By focusing only on the physical body and only giving physical treatments, it’s cut itself off from a lot of interventions that are more cost-effective than those that we now use. It’s unwavering commitment to the use of pharmaceutical drugs I see as a real problem. I think adverse drug… Continue Reading What’s Wrong with Conventional Medicine

Dr. Weil: I did not invent the term integrative medicine, but I think I am certainly the person who has mainly popularized it and I am not sure where I first heard it. I think wherever I did it seemed to me that was the right term because in those… Continue Reading What Is Integrative Medicine?

The question is how do you change medicine and healthcare, and it seemed to me that you really, you really can only do that through education. A lot of people had been saying you had to do it through research; that if we did enough randomized control trials we’d show… Continue Reading Creating a New Generation of Doctors