Hey, what is up everyone, Norman from futurestud.io University here. Welcome to our second video in this Retrofit series. As always, before we get started, you should know that you find all the content as tutorials and all the code snippets for easy copy&pasting on our website. The link is… Continue Reading Retrofit Tutorial — Send Objects In Request Body

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video. Today I got a weird one. And I’m a little bit nervous, to be honest. Inside here is something called Pavlok. It’s a piece of tech – this is what I know – like, what I know is actually pretty vague.… Continue Reading This Painful Gadget Kills Your Bad Habits

so today I’ve got four gadgets that I think are pretty cool and a little bit unusual at least a couple of them so that’s a quick intro they’re all around or under 50 bucks let’s start out with what should we start out with let’s start out with this… Continue Reading 4 Unique Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed…

As always, evolution allows us to adapt to the changes of this world … But there are disciplines for which the tradition and the test of time are the best assets. Acupuncture has gone through millennia and continents. Today, Chân Ly proposes to you to enter a new era: that… Continue Reading Présentation du logiciel Acupuncture 3D | Chân Ly

[Music] yeah fresh is a creature of habit why mess with perfection and while these burgers are killing everything well he makes his killer just wish it was all free toast my dad said she needed more attitude to be a waitress but I think they need to dial down… Continue Reading Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 4 – Stain