Your Stitchbox presents: What is a Neeleminder? Hello! I am Andrea from In this video I’ll show you: What is a needleminder… …where to get a needleminder… …and how to DIY a needleminder 😄 A needleminder is a great accessoire for your stitching projects. But beware: No one ever… Continue Reading Needle minder – DIY

I´m using 135m/50g yarn and a tatting needle size 5. Make sure to leave a tale which is at least 40cm long. We hold the needle and the thread between thumb and middle finger. Now, we start with the first double stitch. We are going to wrap the thread around… Continue Reading Nadel Tatting * DIY * Needle Tatting [eng sub]

In this video I’m going to show you how to fold a snowflake designed by Jared Needle. This model I folded from normal kami paper. I started with a square that has a side length of 24 cm (9.5 in). Then the model is about 2cm high (3/4 in) and… Continue Reading Christmas Origami Instructions: Snowflake (Jared Needle) Au fein! Massage-Therapeuten-Schule “Grewe” Schreib uns gerne!

kotegaeshi pressure points – details USING PRESSURE POINTS – KYUSHO JITSU Studying pressure points and their effects can help you to increase your understanding and awareness of your own body-energy system as well as that of your partner. In the western world a system is often used where each acupuncture… Continue Reading KOTEGAESHI NERVENDRUCKPUNKTE, Aikido und Kyusho Jitsu, Chudan Tsuki, Teil 3, von Konstantin Rekk