– If you’ve tried one antidepressant and it hasn’t worked for you, you’re a candidate for TMS treatment. Other good candidates for TMS include patients who’ve gotten good results from antidepressant medications but can’t tolerate the side effects that go along with them. Patients wanna know how we’re going to… Continue Reading Is TMS treatment right for me?

My name is Andrea Furlan and I am pain specialist in Toronto Canada, today we’re going to talk about neuropathic pain. With my experience of 25 years working in pain clinics and with patients who have chronic pain I can say that the worst descriptions that I hear about pain… Continue Reading Neuropathic Pain by Dr. Andrea Furlan

So, the question is, how do you differentiate the utility of behavioural/psychotherapeutic treatments for conditions like depression Versus medical treatments? Okay, so the first thing I would say is, um, don’t underestimate the utility of medical interventions. Depression is a catastrophy. It carries with it a very high suicide rate.… Continue Reading Jordan Peterson’s opinion on Antidepressants

Hey it’s professor Dave, let’s learn about pharmaceuticals. We all get sick from time to time. Whether it’s just a cold, or something more serious, and there’s great controversy amongst the public about how to treat disease. Some argue that conventional medicine is best suited to address the health needs… Continue Reading Pharmaceutical Drugs: Inhibitors and the Nature of Disease