[Roland]: But to get back to the whole question about psilocybin and depression, that’s another area that we’re interested in. A group from the UK published this summer uncontrolled pilot study in, I think, it was 15 volunteers with treatment-resistant depression in which they gave psilocybin. And they showed large… Continue Reading Psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression (large effects) | Roland Griffiths

[Roland]:…We can do reductionistic neuroscience. Whether we’re doing brain imaging work, we can ask questions about pharmacology, we can ask questions about biological and genetic dispositions or behavioral interactions or set and setting conditions that modulate those experiences. And to bring this to your question, we can look at therapeutic… Continue Reading Therapeutic effects of psilocybin in treatment of anxiety and depression. | Roland Griffiths

Hey! My name is Gray, and welcome to my channel. So, today I want to talk about needle anxiety because it’s a very real thing, and if you are thinking about going on T, it can be a huge barrier to starting if you’re super nervous about giving yourself a… Continue Reading How to Overcome Needle Anxiety

And you’re making me go through this alone! Life is pain! I wake up every morning in pain. I go to work in pain. You know how many times I wanted to just give up? How many times I’ve thought about ending it?! That’s how people end up dead. And… Continue Reading Sad Multifandom || Life Is Pain

I’m Chris Grimsley I’m 34 years old and I’m a military veteran. I served in the Army from 2004 to 2008 and the 82nd airborne alpha battery ii 319 field artillery resident as a tactical data system specialist being in the airborne unit it’s it’s a little bit faster pace… Continue Reading Light for Veterans and Active Duty Military, relief is here.

My relationship with my body has always been one that has ebbed and flowed. I have been in phases where I’ve absolutely loved myself. I’ve been so gung-ho about how I feel. And others, like the phase I’m currently in, where I’m not quite feeling that. Normally, it’s a bad… Continue Reading My Relationship With Body Image

Welcome to Part Two of Lecture Number 13 on our series on drugs and human behavior. Today we’re going to finish up our discussion of sedative, hypnotic, and anxiolytic medications by talking about benzodiazepines and their alternatives. We’ll do a brief history of benzodiazepines, talk about their pharmacokinetics, their use… Continue Reading Sedative Hypnotics – Benzodiazepines

(audience applauds) – Welcome back to the Teen Mom 2 Reunion. We are here still speaking with Chelsea and Cole. (audience applauds) And now, we are joined by two special guests from Teen Mom OG, Catelynn and Tyler. – Hey. (audience applauds) He said special guests. – Since you’ve had… Continue Reading Chelsea & Catelynn Talk Anxiety | Teen Mom 2 Reunion