Another bill in the legislature would decriminalize clean needle exchanges which supporters say would help prevent opioid related deaths. Well, a number of states have already done, so not everyone in Arizona is sold on the idea. For insight, I’m joined by Stephanie Innes, health Lorraine for The Arizona Republic.… Continue Reading Push to decriminalize clean needle exchanges in Arizona back in legislature

(upbeat music) – [Host] Unpacking the latest headlines from legislative priorities to politics and impeachment. – What sort of steps are we going to take for the future for our education system in the state? – [] What closing a State prison would mean for the community that surrounds it.… Continue Reading Arizona 360: Journalists roundtable, prison closure, treating chronic pain

When we die, we all have different ideas of what we want to happen to our bodies. Personally, I want my ashes to be scattered over the pool of a Trump hotel, out of respect. But for many people in Arizona, the afterlife is very different than what they expected.… Continue Reading The United Swing States of America – Arizona’s Grisly Body Donation Scams | The Daily Show

( intro music ) Cedar Wright:Yeah there’s tons of pain, exhaustion,but the same time there’s a lot of beauty, and laughter,and really special moments,and it all combines into this unforgettable life experience.Woo! Yeah!( applause ) So, how does a… …a little kid, well, named Cedar Wright– Obviously hippie parents, right?…and… Continue Reading Sufferfest: 700 Miles of Pain and Glory | Nat Geo Live

Sound Therapy is FDA approved so all of the device we use have been clinically proven. Double blind studies have been conducted at major universities in the United States and so I do not consider Sound Therapy “Alternative Medicine” because there is science and research and clinical data to prove… Continue Reading Is Sound Therapy for Tinnitus considered “Alternative Medicine”?

my name is Marie I was diagnosed with a return of breast cancer I’ve been dealing with this for a while and so I’ve done a lot of research online and so I called Dr. Tom for the 15 minute consultation was on the phone with Dr. Tom for a… Continue Reading Causenta Review: Marie’s Breast Cancer Testimonial

You know after working with a lot of athletes over the years and dealing with health issues and injuries and seeing how they approach their health – We (Causenta) learned a lot. Does it make sense that everyone is saying the same thing? Where’s the unique approach? Where’s the difference… Continue Reading Causenta Team Makes the Difference with Cancer Patients & High Performance Athletes

Dr. Tina Marcantel: Acupuncture, what we do is, we insert very tiny needles in different areas, acupuncture points. We can compare… We look at the meridians. And when we talk about the meridians, I give the analogy of the blood vessels in our body. We have blood flowing throughout our… Continue Reading Learn About The Benefits of Acupuncture With Dr. Tina Marcantel, NMD