Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Krystian Aparta As fashion designers, our decisions have the power to change our culture. We choose who is cast in our runway shows and campaigns, and ultimately, who is celebrated and considered beautiful, and who is not. Having this platform is a responsibility. One that can… Continue Reading Fashion that celebrates all body types — boldly and unapologetically | Becca McCharen-Tran

So we are going to do 3ds for our chain, one picot, 3ds, one picot, 3ds. Make it into an arch shape and tie our knot and reverse our work. We are ready to do a ring again, so we are going to go ahead and do 3ds, and then… Continue Reading Needle Tatting – #3 Beautifully Basic Tatted Bracelet: part three by RustiKate

My name is Vanessa. I have a tattoo of a peony in a vase in the middle of my back. So the reason why I got this tattoo at this point in my life. I just wanted to really emphasise on my Asian heritage. Growing up with my grandparents and… Continue Reading Documenting the body: Vanessa

Good afternoon community class Good afternoon community teacher Today we are going to revise one of the most important HIV studies in the world and that is START study of the INSIGHT Can somebody tell us what is START in full Me teacher Yes tell us Strategic Timing of Antiretroviral… Continue Reading NO BODY KNOWS

COMM: Artist Gesine Marwedel creates intriguing portraits of animals, painted onto human models. GESINE MARWEDEL: It takes around 2 to 4 hours to paint the model, if I paint an animal. If I do a full body painting with ornaments or something like that, or landscapes, it takes up to… Continue Reading Body Paint Artist Transforms Humans Into Realistic Animals

[Intro Music] Pain & Sympathy [Choral music and sound of oxygen mask] [Choral Music] History of the Main Complaint [choral music] In the activity of making work there’s a sense that if you spend a day or two days drawing an object or an image there is a sympathy toward… Continue Reading William Kentridge: Pain & Sympathy | Art21 “Extended Play”

Do that ring again, just 3ds, picot, 3ds. We are going to tie that knot after we have closed our work, reverse our work. We are ready to do our chain again. I will do my special step. Ready to start that chain, so 3ds, join to the last picot… Continue Reading Needle Tatting – #2 Beautifully Basic Tatted Bracelet: part two by RustiKate