all informed that u uh… alot of people’s advice aside you notice a disciple passing somebody coming from a disability perspective kk manana a anti-gang anyone with that flight you are like a mad scientists at the earliest back to the mad people in there and and that accidentally it’s… Continue Reading Is the Human Body Obsolete? – Stelarc In Conversation With Liz Carr

Touch my body Body Touch my body Body Touch my body Body Touch my body I know you want it You come near me I prepared some wine Sweet chocolate chocolate You’re soft and sometimes hot And it’s my pool for you na na na na na na I see… Continue Reading [MV] SISTAR(씨스타) _ TOUCH MY BODY(터치 마이 바디)

hi guys welcome to a new vlog before we begin I wanted to film this disclaimer I guess I feel weird uploading something right now because if you have read the news or being on Twitter at all or watch any video about what is happening you all probably know… Continue Reading painted a lot and bought second hand clothes

COMM: Artist Gesine Marwedel creates intriguing portraits of animals, painted onto human models. GESINE MARWEDEL: It takes around 2 to 4 hours to paint the model, if I paint an animal. If I do a full body painting with ornaments or something like that, or landscapes, it takes up to… Continue Reading Body Paint Artist Transforms Humans Into Realistic Animals

[Intro Music] Pain & Sympathy [Choral music and sound of oxygen mask] [Choral Music] History of the Main Complaint [choral music] In the activity of making work there’s a sense that if you spend a day or two days drawing an object or an image there is a sympathy toward… Continue Reading William Kentridge: Pain & Sympathy | Art21 “Extended Play”

– Welcome. Only eight of you remain, and once again the teams are even, four on Team Peck and four on Team Nuñez. This week we are testing technical application. – Technical application is what’s happening when you put the needle to the skin. Is your line work clean? Is… Continue Reading ‘Excruciatingly Painful Palm Tattoos’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8

My name is Buki. I’m a life-drawer and I’m a Muslim. I’m black, I’m dark-skinned, I wear a weave, I wear make-up. I draw naked bodies. So I don’t look like your average Muslim. My art is very out there and it gets people talking. Because I tend to draw… Continue Reading ‘I’m a Muslim artist inspired by the female body’ BBC Stories

Girl, Do you want it What do you want I’ll give it to you, girl I’ll show you my sincerity ya body my body We’ll love it, We’ll love it Oh shit, don’t say anything Don’t get me wrong but Your skin is so soft Tonight, I’ll get you like… Continue Reading [MV] San E(산이) _ Body Language (Feat. BUMKEY(범키))