Hi everyone! Welcome to MD-VOD! Your health live and on-demand. I’m Doctor John Kennedy and today we’re talking about chronic pain, a condition that affects approximately 20% of the global population and more than 76 million people, just in the United States. Lower back pain alone, will affect 60 to… Continue Reading Common Issues for Patients with Chronic Pain – Akash Bajaj, MD

– You’re getting 9 P.M. Gabbie tonight. – Okay, is that special? – Usually they get like, noon Gabbie. – Oh my god, okay. – No just like, less obnoxious. – Oh, now you guys know the backstory. Welcome to another Ask Doctor Mike Episode, I have the lovely Gabbie… Continue Reading Mental Health: A Conversation (ft. Gabbie Hanna) | Doctor Mike

hi dr. Olivia Joseph here today we are going to talk about the benefits and some concerns if you take probiotics so currently probiotics are the most doctor recommended supplement that there is it’s also one of the most common supplements that people put themselves on and what you need… Continue Reading Before You Take Probiotics | Dr. Olivia Joseph