I started coming to Dr. Polucki after I got into a car accident. I was in a lot of pain and I don’t really like going to doctors just because you know sometimes, especially chiropractors, they just tend to crack you and they just leave you in more pain than… Continue Reading ASMR neck and shoulder relief at Santa Clarita wellness chiropractor.

Hello You are visiting this hospital because of trouble sleeping, right? Are you not sleeping enough? Is that so. Is it your first thing visiting this hospital? How long have you had trouble sleeping? Since last summer? It’s been about a half and a year, right? Then, is there anything… Continue Reading ASMR(Sub✔) 잠이 오는 수면 치료실 ( 주사, 바늘, 마이크에 콕콕 ) Sleep Clinic RP

hi, is it everything alright with you?? i do hope so=)) on this video, i will be producing sounds, using my favorites perfumes and also using my favorite body cream i hope you enjoy this video and also relax watching it let’s get started i hope you have enjoyed this… Continue Reading ASMR – Perfumes – Tapping, Vidro , Spray ❤️ ASMR Body Cream ❤️

Dr.Gabri: Come in! Peppe: Good morning! Dr.Gabri: Ahhhh!!!! Peppe! How are you? Peppe: Finally we meet! Dr.Gabri: Here you are The Great Peppe Gentile! Both: Is everything all right? Dr.Gabri: Come! Peppe: After two hours drive, this check up will be more relaxing! Dr.Gabri: So come from Naples!? Peppe: Yes!… Continue Reading PEPPE GENTILE gets EVERY PART of his BODY ADJUSTED with ASMR CRACKS

Hello, there It’s been a time I didn’t see you How are you? Good So face treatment Okay Then prepare yourself for long, long, long treatment So, hmm We need to make something with your hair first Yes, and after it I will check your face Mm-hmm By the way,… Continue Reading ASMR 1 hour with me 💆‍♀ Face treatment

Hi this is Julie with Beadaholique.com and today I’m going to show you how to use this Speeder Beader needle and try to say that fast ten times this is the Speeder Beader needle and when you get it it’s going to come in a package like this and the… Continue Reading How to Use the Speeder Beader Needle