Hi this is David from MinuteEarth. Throughout history, the biggest threat to humans has been physical harm either through injury or infection. So it’s not surprising that our bodies have developed a bunch of internal systems that respond once our external defenses have been breached. One of those systems is… Continue Reading How The Modern World Tricks Our Bodies Into Hurting Themselves

Cancer, it’s a word that if I say it to somebody you have cancer this is like hitting you on the head with a club. It’s a life-changing event no matter how you look at it. My goal is not to be aggressive as possible and kill everything, my job… Continue Reading 2 New Cancer Treatments That Give Patients Hope Again

The opioid epidemic is raging out of control in the United States and other Western countries. Meanwhile, the discussion of natural alternatives is almost non-existent. As if nature doesn’t provide any pain relief. The reality is that many pharmaceutical pain drugs have been developed as synthetic analogues of natural herbs… Continue Reading DOCUMENTARY: NATURAL PAIN RELIEF – Opioid Crisis Solutions

Pain is generally considered to be a unpleasant thing, no one likes the sensation of a pounding headache or a broken collar bone, so there has always been a market for analgesics or pain-killing remedies. Ancient Egyptians munched on myrtle leaves and smoked opium, Native Americans chewed up strings of… Continue Reading Why We Have Pain, & How We Kill It

If you have a stomach ache that’s no fun, but it’s just your stomach that hurts. If you stub your toe, that sucks but at least it’s just your toe! But, if your head hurts it is all-consuming. You just want to crawl under a blanket and stay there forever.… Continue Reading Yes, Your Headache Is Worse Than All Other Aches and Pains, Here’s Why

– [Instructor] Herbal is not necessarily different from allopathic medicine. It’s a way of approaching medicine’s. Herbal medicine is a technique that can be used in any kind of philosophical treatment methods. So allopathic is just a term that refers to direct treatment of the symptoms. Often it ends up… Continue Reading Allopathic and Holistic Medicine

– Today we’re going to talk about the top things that – you do – that the vet wishes you didn’t do. – Number one on this is aspirin. – We don’t have any aspirin here. – That’s probably because we don’t want you to give it. – Look, now… Continue Reading Habits Vets Want You to Stop