>>Voiceover: What is body image? How does it affect you?>>Adrianna: I think body image to me has always been my representation of myself. Definitely I grew up, like, always thinking about like my weight or, like, how tall I am… or, like, you know, how feminine I look.>>Simon: Body image… Continue Reading Body Image

So I’m excited to be here today to talk to you about the opioid epidemic the subtitle from Freud to Fentanyl. I will become clear in the course of the lecture. I have been retained as a medical expert witness in federal and state opioid litigation over my opinions are… Continue Reading The Opioid Epidemic: From Freud to Fentanyl with Anna Lembke

South Korea’s Korea Football Association is considering appealing to FIFA or the Asian Football Confederation over the recent controversial inter-korean World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang the compliant comes as the AFC’s manual states that the hosting country should allow entrance of traveling supporters in media to conditions that the north… Continue Reading S. Korea’s football body slams N. Korea over handling of inter-Korean World Cup qualifier

Allopathy or conventional medicine and homeopathy are the two ways how patients can be treated They are two different systems of medicines. I call them twin sisters! Homeopathy and allopathy are not inimical or enemies or contrary to each other In fact they should work hand in hand for the… Continue Reading Can Homeopathy & Allopathy work together?