If you see these signs, then understand it is unstable Asthma is a serious disease affecting swine ducts. The airways inhale the air through the lungs. In asthma, the inner wall of these tubules comes swollen. This inflammation reacts strongly with the touch of any restless thing by making the… Continue Reading ये लक्षण नजर आए तो समझो अस्थमा है || If you see these symptoms then understand asthma || asthma

In an asthma attack, the muscles of the air passages in the lungs go into spasm. This makes the airways narrower, making it difficult to breathe. This can be triggered by an allergy, a cold, or smoke. At other times, someone may have a sudden attack with no obvious trigger.… Continue Reading How to Treat an Asthma Attack – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

Every ten seconds someone has a potentially life threatening asthma attack so how to treat an asthma attack in both children and adults please like and share as you could save a life asthma attacks can be frightening, one of my close friends used to get them quite often during… Continue Reading How To Treat An Asthma Attack | What To Do During An Asthma Attack | Inhaler Treatment At Home