hey thanks for joining us Bob you have the sensation in gear how long has been there I’ve been there for about four weeks okay what’s it feel like well started out as it was kind of hurting my job in my ear area and I thought I slept wrong… Continue Reading Let the Hair Out (Ear Foreign Body Removal) | Auburn Medical Group

so this gentleman came to us what was that about a week and a half ago and at that time had a little red spot over the white space of his right first and second digits just a little red he thought he may have had a splinter in there… Continue Reading Dr. Gawayne Removes a Foreign Body from a Patient’s Hand | Auburn Medical Group

counter 22nd hey thanks for joining us with Chuck and sherry have been patients for years and you can catch Sherry’s video with a little removal next year I will have a little link for that and check what are you here for foot so you’ve got this wart that’s… Continue Reading Plantar Wart Treatment | Auburn Medical Group

oh my gosh he announced but it’s like it’s like gone Rebecca who some of you remember from an earwax cleaning video has been having headaches and does have migraine and this particular headache you’ve been having now for the last three weeks just a block 11 mostly on little… Continue Reading Migraine Cure Nerve Block | Auburn Medical Group