Hi, my name is Guy Lawrence. And thanks for tuning into my podcast today. If you’re enjoying these conversations and you want to check out more of this transformational work, be sure to come back to guylawrence. com. au and join me as we go further down the rabbit hole.… Continue Reading Demystifying Medicinal Cannabis, CBD Oil & THC with Professor Kylie O’Brien

If you take here…. Yeah. …the value proposition, you take the customer segment…. Yeah. …and you look at the fit here, right? That’s it. And, you take this…. Yeah. …you blow it up like a magnifying glass. Okay. And, you start explaining why do you think this product or value… Continue Reading Alexander Osterwalder: Mapping Customer Pains to Value Proposition

Hey all and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erin and this is how to write with chronic pain. So what the heck is up with my body? It’s kind of a fun mix of things and so start from the beginning and go through all of that and… Continue Reading Writing with Chronic Pain

So, in the overview segment, I was describing how thoughts and emotions have the capacity to influence pain, either for better or for worse, our thoughts and our feelings influence or experience of pain. And I want to talk very specifically about a psychological construct that is shown to have… Continue Reading Stanford’s Beth Darnall, PhD on Pain Catastrophizing

HERRERA: Actually I don’t need my glasses, I can see this. Good evening, everyone, I’m Luis Herrera, I’m the City Librarian here in San Francisco and I’m really delighted to see a full house here, and I guess that’s not surprising because we have a wonderful, wonderful program for you.… Continue Reading Mary Roach in conversation with Adam Savage at San Francisco Public Library