(♪♪)>>Mark: You never know where miracles will happen. But inside this house in tiny Freelton, Ontario, we’re told there’s a miracle at work. This cluttered room is a shrine to an active mind, home to an avid inventor, a prolific collector, and a true believer. Royce Hamer is a believer… Continue Reading MMS : The Miracle Cure? – the fifth estate

Hi this is the Autism Journey Video Series, and this is roadblock number 5. Mainstream medicine seems to offer so little for autism so the question becomes does a mind/body/spirit approach makes sense in autism? well first I’m going to take you to a very unusual story about a shaman… Continue Reading Autism Holistic Treatment – Is Healing Autism Naturally the Key? When Mainstream has Little to Offer

On June 19th 2015 the decomposing corpse of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet was found floating in a North Carolina river. His chest bore a single, bloody bullet wound. Days earlier, Bradstreet’s office had been mysteriously raided by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration. The renowned homeopathic researcher was working on a… Continue Reading Are Alternative Doctors Being Assassinated?

Good morning Good morning, Eleonora Here we are, well, another week Yes Well, it hasn’t been a good week Did your boyfriend leave? Yes And I’d say that during the last month I have witnessed a worsening in my symptoms And especially during the last week it’s been very hard… Continue Reading Follow me on a session with my therapist | EllyIsOnYouTube

in this video we’re gonna look at how the medical industry treats autism differently in the US the UK we’re also gonna look at how society treats people differently and we’re gonna involve ourselves a little bit as a group discussion just because I thought would be a fun idea… Continue Reading AUTISM Treatment: UK vs US what you should know (2018)

hi my name is Erin Bertolli and I am a board certified behavior analyst with Brett DiNovi and associates the following video will address the use of matched stimulation procedures and response interruption redirection to address stereotypy in individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities these behavior analytic interventions are… Continue Reading Treatment of Stereotypy For Individuals With Autism | Applied Behavior Analysis

My name is Becky Estepp. I have a son named Aaron who’s twelve years old. Ten years ago this week, he was diagnosed with autism. We’ve done many biomedical treatments throughout the years, also some complimentary traditional treatments, and I would say he’s about 75 percent recovered. We haven’t made… Continue Reading Autism: Mom Uses Biomedical Treatment and Diet Change to Recover Child

Hi I’m Dr. Andrea Libutti and this is the autism journey video series I created this series of videos to help address the challenges that come up along in our journey and specifically meet the roadblocks head-on so I can save you lots of time and energy and money and… Continue Reading Alternative Treatment for Autism: EXACTLY What You Need to Know to Help your Child (2018) [Video 4]

Even though everyone develops at slightly different paces Almost everyone hits the same general developmental milestones and learns the same sets of skills at about the same time more or less These are things like language and communication socializing cognitive skills like problem-solving and physical milestones like walking crawling and… Continue Reading Autism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology