hey thank you so much for joining me today okay so this is kind of a video on the fly I was trying to think of what I wanted my next video to be but I just watched a video on Facebook that really hit me hard and I want… Continue Reading Parenting while having Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain is TOUGH!

(calm music) – Unfortunately, there really aren’t any medical treatments for inclusion body myositis. So the most important things we have, well, to offer patients, are in the realm of a physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and ways of helping to improve their overall function. Our research at our… Continue Reading Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) Treatment : Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

(soft music) – Inclusion body myositis usually starts with weakness in the legs most commonly so often patients will notice having difficulty getting up out of a chair, walking, maybe falling out of the blue. Another common symptom is weakness in the hands. So in particular weakness in the finger… Continue Reading Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) Signs & Symptoms : Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

(upbeat music) – So the treatment is mostly focused on suppressing the immune system so that the muscles are no longer looking foreign to ones own immune system. So the goal is to suppress the immune system enough but not too much so that there are not adverse events that… Continue Reading Polymyositis Treatment : Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here with Migraine Treatment Success Secret number three. We’ve already touched on the topic of the connection between migraine headaches and thyroid, the issue is you’ve got to get your thyroid tested now. There is a large connection, I’ve been treating thousands of migraine patients over the… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secret # 3 “Get Your Thyroid Tested Now!”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here with Migraine Treatment Success Secret number two. Today we’re going to talk about the connection between people who have migraine headaches and autoimmune problems. Lots of times the cause of a migraine or chronic migraine headaches can be a problem that lies in your immune system,… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secret #2 “AutoImmune Connection”

in this video we’ll address the debate between naturopath holistic kind of treatments versus Western medicine wait ok now from the beginning yeah and it’s really coming down out there can I take a sick day from being sick I just really need it hey guys what’s up Jeffrey Lin… Continue Reading Natural & Holistic Treatments VS. Western Medicine? The choice is easy | Ep.209

Hi Friends! It’s Carrie from Stretch Chi Instead of Stretching today, we’re going to talk about something really important We’re going to talk a little bit about pain, emotions, defense mechanisms and how to not let them run your life. It’s kind of the topic of the day… It’s been… Continue Reading 🥰🤗How to be Happy! (Even with Chronic Pain)🤗🥰

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(relaxing, meditative music) – So we do not have a curative treatment for Sjogren’s syndrome. We have medications that can help improve symptoms but really do not alter the course of the disease. We rely on the patients to do a lot of the work in terms of managing their… Continue Reading Sjögren’s Syndrome – Treatment | Johns Hopkins