We all like different types of food varieties and beverages. But what our bodies? Do out bodies also like the same? Let’s find out today… The kind of food we must eat and we must avoid, As per our unique Prakritis (Body type). Let’s begin… So first let’s begin by… Continue Reading What DIET You Should Maintain For YOUR BODY TYPE? |Ayurvedic Dosha Balancing Diet | The Health Space

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to gain weight more easily than others. How some people flare up emotionally at even small instances… While others remain calm and composed in similar scenarios. This is because all of us are divided as per our body types. And that is… Continue Reading WHAT IS MY BODY TYPE? | How Ayurveda Affects Our Body? | The Health Space

In Ayurveda they have classified people into 3 types, 3 types of constitutions of the body and mind. One is Pitta, where the fire element is more predominant, one is Vata where the space and air element is more predominant, and one is Kapha where the earth and water element… Continue Reading Ayurveda: Secret of the Subtle Elements (Tanmatras)