Namaskaram Myself Nityanandam (Yoginitya) And today I want to give you a little information about Arthritis. Although this topic is too big And if I start to discuss it whole so we need so much time For this, I will tell you separately on this topic that how to fix… Continue Reading Miraculous treatment of arthritis, Gout & joint pain due to arthritis by Nityanandam Shree

I’m Dr. Erick Cervantes, a faculty member here at Ashford University’s College of Health Human Services and Science. The Bachelor of Arts in Complementary and Alternative Health is a fascinating program that exposes students to a variety of holistic medical systems in use today by licensed practitioners. Students will be… Continue Reading Online BA in Complementary and Alternative Health | Ashford University

Hello, this is Katherine, welcome to 00Kidney. Today we are going to focus on alternative medicine and treatments for kidney disease, like Ayurveda, acupuncture, holistic medicine and herbal remedies. And I know that a lot of people turn up their noses at home remedies and other forms of alternative medicine,… Continue Reading Alternative Medicine for Kidney Disease – 5 Shocking Facts You NEED to Know Ayurveda, Acupuncture

Hello and welcome! In today’s video we are gonna talk about depression. Everyone feels sad or has the ‘blues’ once in a while but stylecraze will show you simple remedies to cure depression at home. Take 2 kajus and crush them into powder form. Add this kaju to boiling water.… Continue Reading 2 Simple Natural Remedies To TREAT SIGNS OF DEPRESSION

subscribe to our Channel and press the bell icon for the latest notifications hi friends let’s know amazing home remedies for septicemia blood poisoning septicemia is a serious medical condition and it occurs when bacteria entered a blood stream it could happen from an infection anywhere throughout the body like… Continue Reading Home Remedies For Septicemia (Blood Poisoning) – Natural Treatment For Sepsis

Migraine, pain in half of the head. Meaning pain in half of the head. It is also a reason for mental pressure. Migraine’s relation is with you getting angry soon. Going out in heavy sunlight. Not wearing the glasses. Having an eye sight problem. Having gas in the stomach. Indigestion.… Continue Reading Yoga for Migraine

Welcome to Health Care at Home In previous episode we were talking about the problem of Migraine, let us take that episode further what all precautions to be taken in migraine that i have explained in my previous episode still i will tell you some more Do not eat junk… Continue Reading Home Remedies for Migraine II माईग्रेन के घरेलु इलाज़ II

With a very major concern about our health professionals in North America. Do you know that statistic show that you put a pharmaceuticalstogether with the MDs that they are the number one leading cause of death? That your more like think to die because your MD and pharmaceuticals than you… Continue Reading Benefits of health and wellness with alternative medicine-Dr. Holly (604) 764-5203

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going to show you home remedies for migraine. Have you experienced a headache that only effects one side of your head. It could be migraine. Depression, irritability, pounding pain, nausea and vomiting are symptoms of migraine. Flashes of light or black spots,… Continue Reading 3 Best Home Remedies For MIGRAINE RELIEF

Hello myself Vishanth vaje journalist from Bicholim Goa, It’s been 2 and 1/2yrs I am struggling with diabetes And earlier I use to consume allopathic tablets, some how on YouTube I came to know about “SUGAR KNOCKER”. I researched about it and got those tablets which are purely natural Ayurvedic… Continue Reading “It has been 6 months I am consuming these tablets, it has very good effects” – Vishanth, Goa