Sir, welcome to Planet Ayurveda. Sir, what is your good name? Suman bharwa Sir, you are from which place? Assam, Guwahati. Sir how did you come to know about Planet Ayurveda? I came to know through Youtube. I had gone Apollo hospital for treatment. I was thinking if there was… Continue Reading Lower Your Creatinine Levels Naturally by Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines – Real Testimonial

(intense music) (indistinct chatter) (intense music) – [Colin] So good man. Every time I try to explain to someone, what we were doing there, they can’t believe that we did it. So, why exactly did we go there? Like this facility? – [Jonah] So last year, when I was in… Continue Reading Panchakarma Treatment – My Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience (Feat. JONAH KEST)

In Ayurveda they have classified people into 3 types, 3 types of constitutions of the body and mind. One is Pitta, where the fire element is more predominant, one is Vata where the space and air element is more predominant, and one is Kapha where the earth and water element… Continue Reading Ayurveda: Secret of the Subtle Elements (Tanmatras)

Greetings, sir! Greetings! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. Thank you. Sir, I would like to know your name. Deepak Sharma Where have you come from? Guwahati, Assam. For whose health issues are you seeking treatment here? My mother. What disorder is she suffering from? Liver cirrhosis. She has… Continue Reading Liver Cirrhosis, Liver Failure, Ascites – Ayurvedic Treatment | True Testimonial


Namaste! Mr. Malkhan singh ji. Namaste sir! Namaste Doctor! Namaste! Sir, I welcome you at Planet Ayurveda center. Malkhan Singh ji as you told, your son was suffering from ITP. And it was one year old case then you started treatment from here and he is completely cured now. Yes,… Continue Reading Natural Ayurvedic Cure for ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) – Real Testimonial

Namaste Mam. Namaste. Namaskar Sir. Namskar Ji. Mam, I welcome you at Planet Ayurveda. Mam where have you come from? We have come Moga, Punjab. What is your name? My name is Anjali bansal. Mam, what was your health concern that made you contact Dr. Vikram? My urea and uric… Continue Reading Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment By Ayurveda – True Testimonial

Is it Safe to mix ayurvedic and modern Medicine? Mix Ayurvedic and Modern Medicine? This is the most common question asked by many patients – can I take ayurvedic medicine along with modern medicine? What will be there side effects, interactions, and safety concerns. Many people asked this question on… Continue Reading Is it Safe to take ayurvedic medicine along with Allopathic Medicine

I had a chronic knee ailment. My legs used to ache. I was bedridden and for 1.5 years, I was not even able to cook. My daughter used to cook. After coming here, I did an Advance Course on your birthday for seven days and availed treatment from Panchakarma (Sri… Continue Reading Healing Experience At Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma | Art Of Living

Namaskar Sir, I am Ashwani Thakur and I welcome you to our Planet Ayurveda center. You are here today to follow up on the ongoing treatment you are taking from Dr Vikram Chauhan. What kind of treatment are you taking from him? I have kidney problem. Earlier, I had raised… Continue Reading Reduce Urea & Creatinine Levels, Avoid dialysis by Ayurveda – Real testimonial