– [Voiceover] There you go, it’s up to 45, 45, 50. (screaming) – Push! – Oh my God! – Push! (screaming) – So, what are we going to be doing today? – Well, today we’re gonna be doing a little bit of electric stim on our gentleman right here. We’re… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation • Motherhood: Part 4

(Mount Paektu) (We can do it!) (The Mount Paektu crew is off.) We took a plane, spent nine hours in Beijing, then took another two-hour flight. We finally arrived after a 15-hour trip. (They arrived at Chungbaishan Airport after 15 hours.) (Amazing!) It’s a waterfall! (The beautiful scene of Biryong… Continue Reading Seoeon “Noo!! It’s a needle! No!!” [The Return of Superman/2018.11.18]

Hey everyone, this tutorial explains how I made the creative needle bishop pattern with the shoulder closure. I’ve made this pattern three times now – two before Audrey was born and one recently, around 3 months. It’s one of my favorite bishop patterns – I think the side closure is… Continue Reading Creative Needle Smocked Bishop Sewing Pattern Tutorial

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so this video is the first of my maternity and pregnancy series it’s all about preconception is how to get pregnant and how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy so this is for all the couples who’ve been struggling to get pregnant… Continue Reading Preconception preparation in Ayurveda – Increase your fertility naturally for a healthy pregnancy

What’s up my guava juicers! Today we’re gonna do a dust bath If you guys don’t know what a dustbath is. It’s this thing. Chinchillas use it all the time. (To bathe) To clean themselves to cleanse themselves of any insecurity and impurities, I wish I had a chinchilla right… Continue Reading CHINCHILLA DUST BATH CHALLENGE!

Down syndrome occurs is the leading genetic disorder in the world, and a new study might have found a way to reverse it. Hey everyone, Trace here for DNews with some interesting new breakthroughs concerning Down syndrome. The genetic disorder is caused by an improper replication of chromosomes with the… Continue Reading Did Scientists Cure Down Syndrome?

By six months baby get head control she can sit with the support and develop the skills necessary to swallow the food. Some Parents prefer to start the solid by four months but it’s best to wait till six months of age because by that age baby get teeth as… Continue Reading 6 month baby food | healthy baby food recipes | Ayurveda Tips

Today we’ll show you a birth of guinea pigs. Amazing. Everything about your pet Be ready! Can you hear this squeak? She squeak because of contactions. This is contraction. Look, is going to give birth. She did it! Come on, come on, come on. Here. Here’s first baby. We’re going… Continue Reading COBAYAS – El parto de la cobaya. El díficil parto de “Antoñito”.

The most common ailments that newborn and young babies suffer from are wind and constipation. This short tummy routine will help to aid digestion and help to soothe symptoms. Before you undress your baby, or beginning the massage, make eye contact with your little one and gently stroke them from… Continue Reading Baby Massage To Help Wind & Constipation | Mothercare