– [Narrator] Healing RVA with HCA is sponsored by HCAVa. – Hi I’m Andrea McDaniel at Parham Doctors’ Hospital. We’re talking with Dr. Daniel Martin about this exciting new procedure. If you have lower back pain you want to check it out. – We have a new treatment option to… Continue Reading Chronic Back Pain Procedure – Dr. Daniel Martin – NBC12 Healing RVA

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo and Gamecock Kali, and today we’re gonna show you seven stretches for your back when you can’t get on the floor. so let’s get started. so a lot of you often ask, “how am I supposed to do these stretches? I can’t get on the… Continue Reading Seated Back Pain Relief Stretches

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you five ways to relieve back pain. so let’s get started. so I’m going to start off lying down. if you can’t get on the floor, that’s okay you can do these on your bed or a couch. so… Continue Reading 5 Back Pain Relief Treatments

(gentle music)>>There are a consolation of options available for patients in terms of the spectrum of care for spine. This involves doing nothing, physical therapy, medication management, interventional pain management, and surgical management. Within each of those categories, there are a subset of options, as well, and so it’s kind… Continue Reading Back Pain Treatment and Rehabilitation Options | FAQ With Dr. Akhil Chhatre

hey guys it’s Carly and Kayla at fitness artist calling all hairdressers we have an amazing workshop coming up on Monday January 14th at 10 a.m EST. if you’re a hairdresser and you experience a lot of tightness and pain up in the back of your neck and upper back… Continue Reading Are you a hairdresser and suffer from neck and back pain?

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