relax,relax! rescue me!, brother shou! breathing! look at his legs! I going to film him! relax! almost touch the ground! don’t use your hands to support your legs! AIYA, rescue me! He yelling Chinese poem to release the pain He yelling Chinese poem to release the pain He yelling Chinese… Continue Reading Passive Flexibility training: flexibility won’t come from small pain!

Our next guest has dedicated her entire life to studying the field of science and recently, she made the decision to change her career path and dedicate her time to teaching everyone about the human anatomy. Please welcome back our four year old expert, Brielle, and her mom, Carry. You’re… Continue Reading Brielle Teaches Ellen About the Human Body

I remember my first ballet shoes I was about six and they were at least 5 sizes too big I couldn’t wait to try them on to find out how it feels like to have them on my feet I didn’t want them to get damaged: to me, they were… Continue Reading The Pain and Euphoria of Ballet