Bullying in school was horrendous. It made me not want to be on this Earth any more. I didn’t feel good enough to be here, cos everybody else was telling me I wasn’t. My first memories from, I think, maybe five years old was wanting to roll my shirt up… Continue Reading Learning how to love your body | Who are you Calling Fat? – BBC Stories

My name is Buki. I’m a life-drawer and I’m a Muslim. I’m black, I’m dark-skinned, I wear a weave, I wear make-up. I draw naked bodies. So I don’t look like your average Muslim. My art is very out there and it gets people talking. Because I tend to draw… Continue Reading ‘I’m a Muslim artist inspired by the female body’ BBC Stories

When you say you have sickle cell, the first question you get asked is: ‘What’s that?’ You still can’t comprehend the pain that I’m going through. I personally just don’t like talking about it. I’ve been told like: ‘I can’t be your friend, just because of what you go through.’… Continue Reading Sickle cell disease: Why is it hard to talk about our pain? BBC Stories