Automatically translated by machine. Hey Besties! For today’s craft tutorial we’re going to do some needle felting! I’m actually really sick today, I have a cold or a flue or something really gross but I didn’t want to ruin my schedule of uploading things so today we’re going to do… Continue Reading How To Make A Needle Felted Pom Pom String – Craft Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Or do you automatically think of ten different things you could change? Why is it that how beautiful we are is important? When we were young children, we didn’t care about beauty, fashion, makeup, or how skinny we… Continue Reading you are not your body.

Now seeing you do this there is no reason you should ever do this at home like you shouldn’t do this at home This is a bad idea. I’m so sorry we ever do this to you Viv! I have a surprise for you! it better be a good one.… Continue Reading Eyelash Perm Redemption! (Beauty Trippin)

I didn’t even know all these things were possible in your body draining the face? oh yeah. I love draining faces. (Some pretty lit music) Let’s do this! This is a perfect day for a Beauty Trippin’. I know, I’m excited. Okay. -I wonder what we’re doing, though? Word on… Continue Reading Cellulite Removal?!? (Beauty Trippin)