[music playing] (SINGING) Na na nan na nan na. I’ve been working all week, standing on my two feet. Shake it up and let it go. Seen you from across the room. You look like you got that boom. Come and raise my tempo. I’ve heard it before. I don’t… Continue Reading Body Speak ft. Tiana Brown | Season 2 Ep. 15 | EMPIRE

Halloo.. You are with me again Katherin Meganis at kMeganiz TV Want to Watch again.. Now we want to do reaction when Amir Khan from having a good body with six pax asked to be fat Because of acting to be old people, after that he asked to be slim… Continue Reading FAT TO FIT | Aamir Khan Body Transformation for Dangal | REACTION by Indonesian

it’s just one of those weeks this is what happens when life gives you a whole bunch of crap you get an unscripted behind-the-scenes video it really hurts to smile. I’m gonna explain why. I have this tooth that has been the bane of my existence when it erupted in… Continue Reading Behind The Scenes: UNSCRIPTED – Bad Day & Pain

Hello friends. As promised earlier in June, here’s the video about that one other video that I made. Well, as usual, I’ll be explaining the thought & design processes behind everything, I’ll be doing shot breakdowns, and, hopefully, this time, I’m gonna try to make my video more entertaining and… Continue Reading Breakdown & behind the scenes – “King of Pain”

Hello I’m Chris and I’m Aaron Welcome to social disorder, the show where Chris and I set up elaborate social experiments and compete with each other for points. Have you ever been disposing of a dead body and wondered well, what would it be like if I did this in… Continue Reading Social Disorder – The Body Bag Experiment | Rooster Teeth

Ice, explain BODY COUNT BODY COUNT is a band I put together just to let one of my best friends Ernie C play his guitar. He’s always been playing guitar. We all went to crenshaw high school together in South Central Los Angeles and I had the idea Let’s make… Continue Reading BODY COUNT – Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

You can ignore death, blood, murder. They all happen to far away people with far away lives. We lived in a house where those things didn’t exist, but it was like we were pulling back the curtains and hoping for the best. Hoping that those flimsy pieces of fabric would… Continue Reading The Needle Skips – A RuneScape Murder Mystery (RuneFest 2018 – RuneScape Winter Reveals)