Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat in Tamil

Ahhhhhh! What’s wrong? I just found something. -What? -This. Ahhhhhhh! -I don’t remember being shot or anything. -Call Flula. -Ya? -Flula? -Ya? -I found a hole in my stomach. -Ya? -Yeah, like a little pit. -Oh, does it hurt? -No? -Is it your belly button? -Huh? -You know. Where you… Continue Reading It’s My Belly Button (Song)

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Today we will know about women and men stomach beauty powder reason knowing or unkonwingly today’s life became without physical exercise only with mental exercise we don’t know whose sin is this what ever the reason after the marriage, people are getting fat around the stomach , love handles, thighs… Continue Reading Ayurvedic tip to reduce fat around stomach easy way