I feel wonderful about my decision and my results. My PSA today is zero and it’s just to let people know that you can have a normal life after surgery. My reaction to it was that I was going to eat everything I wanted to eat that I hadn’t been… Continue Reading Prostate Cancer Treatment (11): Patient Perspectives

Electronic Music The future of brain-machine interfaces is right at our fingertips. UC Berkeley engineers designed a sensor… as small as a grain of sand wireless implantable in the body providing data in real time. The “neural dust” successfully recorded electrical signals in nerves. Rat nerve Which is big because…… Continue Reading New “Neural Dust” sensor could be implanted in the body

– So anyone who’s had persistent back pain knows that they don’t sleep well when they’re in pain, but what they also know is that, when they don’t sleep well, it hurts more the next day. And so, what we tried to do with this study is provide some brain… Continue Reading Sleep loss increases pain