Greetings everybody it is tech Tuesday, this is Mike and we’re hear at Sew Special Quilts to talk about this so this machine this baby locks in the middle of a clean oil and adjust service, and we removed the Hook the hook driver and the feed dog unit And… Continue Reading Broken Needles

Welcome to Nifty Notions from SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. Today let’s make our own nifty notion and make a storage container for all those packages of sewing machine needles The first thing we’re going to need is a box. You can use a recipe box or a little a… Continue Reading Make Your Own Storage Box for Sewing Machine Needles

b48 + b44 + b42 Tutorial – Needle change, needle threader (6/15) Needle change Slightly loosen the needle set screw Push the needle fully up Tighten needle set screw When no needle is inserted tighten needle set screw slightly This prevents the screw from coming loose while sewing Needle Threader… Continue Reading b48 + b44 + b42 Tutorial – Needle change, needle threader (6/15)

Hey everyone, here is how I make pintucks using a twin needle. For this example, I’m showing how I apply them to the front of a bodice dress. If the pintuck is going from one seam to another seam, then I like to cut an oversized piece of fabric as… Continue Reading How to sew pintucks using a twin needle | Super easy technique

To properly use the needle threader, start by lowering down the presser foot. That will actually give you a little bit of resistance on this top thread while you’re using it. Might give you a little bit more space down here too. Before I actually put the thread in there,… Continue Reading Bernina 530 06 Needle Threader

Have you ever wanted to work with a double needle? Here are just a couple tips for actually getting things threaded and working correctly. Let’s start by going ahead and putting the needle in the machine. I always put the points in and down through the foot first and then… Continue Reading Bernina 550 64 Threading for a Double Needle or Twin Needle

We’re going to thread up for a twin needle or double needle. You’ll first want to take a look at the size of needle you have in your possession. This number is going to be very crucial because we’re going to want to limit any decorative stitches down to a… Continue Reading Bernina 530 62 Threading for a Double Needle

To change a needle, hold onto the needle and with your fingers you’ll be able to turn this black screw. Loosen it up, and the needle will drop right out. Needles do have a flat side on the back, and when you hold that in your finger, you’ll feel it.… Continue Reading Bernina 530 08 Changing the Needle

There’s lots of reasons to use a double or even a triple needle. I’m going to show you how you thread up for a double needle and how you set the machine so it doesn’t overstep the boundaries and break one of the needles on the foot. I have here… Continue Reading Bernina 710 70 Threading for a Double or Triple Needle