Sally: My weight at my heaviest was 178 pounds. I was a serial Yo-yo dieter. The weight had started affecting my confidence and my relationship with my fiancé. and I knew that I had to make a change. I have lost 68 pounds. Jeremy: She’s found that lost confidence that… Continue Reading Fitness Goals: My Incredible Body Transformation | BRAND NEW ME

hey guys welcome to your baywatch bikini body workout if you don’t know what baywatch is you should google it because I’m going to show you how you can become a baywatch babe this is going to be a 10 min workout were going to work your body from head… Continue Reading Best Full-Body Workout ♥ Fat Burning Calorie Destroyer

– What’s up everyone? Summer is finally here, which means pool parties, beach days, and bathing suits. Now if those two words freak you out, the way they freak me out, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. I’m here with my girls and we’re about to keep it real. Speaking… Continue Reading Adrienne Houghton’s Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type | All Things Adrienne

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Shopping for swimsuits can be tricky because it shows so much skin, right? But I really think that everyone can wear swimwear, it’s just a matter of finding one shape that suits you that works with your body and that you feel comfortable in. That should… Continue Reading How to find the perfect bikini/swimsuit for your body type | BIKINI GUIDE | Justine Leconte

– Oh no, we’re doing the inside of the book jacket. – Today we will be giving Kristin and her lovely friends Brazilian waxes. – [Amanda] One, two, three. (wax strip snaps) (logo whooshes) – So the other day, it was revealed on group chat, by me, that I have… Continue Reading Kristin Gets A Bikini Wax For The First Time • Ladylike