When we die, we all have different ideas of what we want to happen to our bodies. Personally, I want my ashes to be scattered over the pool of a Trump hotel, out of respect. But for many people in Arizona, the afterlife is very different than what they expected.… Continue Reading The United Swing States of America – Arizona’s Grisly Body Donation Scams | The Daily Show

This episode is supported by Hims Your body is cool and all, but have you ever wondered how much is it all worth? Let’s start with selling your body one piece at a time. Sperm? You can make $35 to $135 a shot, with some banks paying donors $1500 for… Continue Reading How Much Is Your Body Worth?

– When I die, this body is going straight to science. It’s not going in a casket. It’s not going to a crematorium. I’m going to donate it right to a medical school. Why? – My name is Peggy Reilly. I’m 65 years old. – This is my mother. And… Continue Reading Why I’m Donating My Body To Science

Most of you probably have lingering debts, and if you’re a member of our younger audience then hold on to your butt and wait until you finish college and those school loans starting coming due. On the one hand, you could always move back home, live in your parent’s basement,… Continue Reading How Much Is An Entire Human Body Worth?

We are at the source of the whole world. [MUSIC PLAYING] Today, we’re at the world’s largest wholesale market. We’re here in Yiwu, and I’m with Collin Abroadcast. Hey. Collin, you have a YouTube channel that has been blowing up recently where you go to markets and you bargain for… Continue Reading Inside the World’s Largest Wholesale Markets – in Yiwu China