[♩INTRO] In general, human bodies operate at about 37 degrees Celsius. So you’d think that air that temperature would feel like nothing not cold, not hot, just neutral. But anyone who’s spent a sunny day at the beach will tell you that’s not the case. In fact, as a species,… Continue Reading Why Does Body-Temperature Air Feel Hot?

Hi, welcome to our first and it may be our last edition of “Off the Cuff.” Off the cuff. I have absolutely no notes and I just spontaneously bring in a world-renown expert to ask questions and then this person off-the-cuff answers them, and then we edit as freely as… Continue Reading Sexual Dysfunction Rehab & Supplements After Treatment | Off The Cuff with Dr. Mark Moyad

All of the cells in our body require a constant, healthy stream of oxygen rich blood, but risk-factors like smoking, ageing and a poor diet can cause severe problems in our arteries. They can become clogged up with sticky plaques made of fat, cholesterol, and other nasty deposits. This causes… Continue Reading Restoring circulation: Treating critical limb ischaemia