This amazing cure for cancer has been known since the 1800s… But this knowledge has been suppressed by big pharmaceutical companies. In 1816, Dr. Johan R. Tarjany discovered that a species of moss could kill cancer cells. The moss Funariidae karkinolytae grew all around his hometown and fascinated him as… Continue Reading This NATURAL TRICK can CURE YOUR CANCER

Hello friends. I am Dr. Sudesh Kumar. I am the Head of the Emergency Department, in Narayana Superspecialty Hospital, Gurugram. Today, we are going to talk about breast cancer as this month is breast cancer awareness month. So, we are going to talk about it. I have the oncology team… Continue Reading Recent Advancement in Breast Cancer Treatment | Dr. Swadesh, Dr. Randeep, Dr. Indu and Dr. Rashmi

hello my name is dr. Catheryn Yashar and I’m a radiation oncologist at the University of California San Diego I’m also the chief of the gynecologic and breast radiation services here and we’re here as part of October and breast cancer awareness month to talk about breast cancer and specifically… Continue Reading Early Stage Breast Cancer: Making Treatment Decisions

Dad, Good seeing you last week. I should have followed my own advice. I told you to lock up your pills, but never locked up mine. Someone stole half the dog’s pain pills. I don’t know who took them. Only a few friends and family have been in the house.… Continue Reading It’s Important to Properly Store and Dispose of Pain Medicine