In order for effective breastfeeding to occur, a good latch is required between the infant mouth and the breast. Unfortunately, difficulties with breastfeeding may occur due to a condition called upper lip tie. In this situation, the newborns upper lip does not curl up or flare out enough resulting in… Continue Reading Upper Lip Tie Release Treatment

Normal tongue mobility is an important factor in speech development. However in a newborn, it is also essential for breastfeeding. It is not uncommon that a child is born with a mucosal flap under the tongue tip causing relative immobility leading to breastfeeding difficulties. This is known as tongue tie.… Continue Reading Tongue Tie Release Treatment

– Hi, everyone, Dr. Samantha Szyska here with Cornerstone Health. We’re gonna continue along through our Pain During Pregnancy series. Today we’re gonna talk about mid back pain. We’re gonna talk about the location, some checks to do that you can do at home and one exercise that you can… Continue Reading Mid Back Pain?! Watch This Video Right Now!

Why do we kiss? Well, easy, because it feels good. But why? [Music] Kissing is weird. We love doing it, but let’s face it, it’s weird. You’re rubbing your open mouth on another human being’s open mouth. So there must be a good reason that we do it. According to… Continue Reading The Science of Kissing

Inevitably, every breastfeeding mom at some point or another ends up with a clogged duct. Or a plugged duct. However you’re going to word it. It’s the same exact thing. It’s really just a duct within the breast, this is the inside of the breast, that gets clogged with milk.… Continue Reading How to Open a Plugged Duct | Breastfeeding