– They’re jiggling right now. – [Shanti] Sure are! (Shanti laughs) Great. (playful string music) So, hi Freddy. – [Freddy] Hi! – What up, Shanti? – Hi Saf. – Hi. – We’ve talked about different, like, body insecurities in the past and stuff, and I remember you talking to me… Continue Reading Women Get Their Ideal Body Parts • Ladylike

Translator: Amira Moreno Reviewer: Diba Szamosi Life is about opportunities, creating them, and embracing them and for me that was the Olympic dream, that’s what defined me, that was my bliss. As a cross-country skier and a member of the Australian ski team headed toward the Winter Olympics, I was… Continue Reading You are not your body: Janine Shepherd at TEDxKC

I want to thank you all for coming here today. This is a year of China event. And the year of China is a yearlong celebration in which we explore Chinese heritage, culture, and politics. And we have a number of events coming up in April. So if you’re interested,… Continue Reading The Tao of Tai Chi Chuan

MARGARET FOLLET: I am Margaret Follett. I am a senior concentrating in history and Middle East studies. And this is Quinton. He is also a senior, concentrating in history– QUINTON HUANG: And East Asian studies. MARGARET FOLLET: And East Asian studies. And we generated this teach-in because through the course… Continue Reading Teach-In – Working Across Boundaries: Studying the Indian Ocean World through Space and Time

I would never go to an Indian guy that became a doctor Especially one that was born and raised in this part of the world fuck that Cause if we were born and raised here you had real dreams, and it was never to become a doctor Let’s be honest.… Continue Reading “Indian Doctors” | Russell Peters – Almost Famous