I kept your pictures on my phone/ So when I felt my most alone/ I thought I’d die, but at least I’d/ die with you And later when you never called/ My highest high, it was all I could/ It was all I could to stand and think of me/… Continue Reading The Purge – A Pain That I’m Used To (Official Video)

Cixin Liu Do you know what sin you committed? I am a human But I treat myself from the perspective of transcending humanity I hope We can build a beautiful world *I hope we can build a beautiful world* I have some good wish *We have some good wish* I… Continue Reading 【三体动画】正式预告 | The three-body problem ANIMATION – official teaser (English subbed)

Our next guest has dedicated her entire life to studying the field of science and recently, she made the decision to change her career path and dedicate her time to teaching everyone about the human anatomy. Please welcome back our four year old expert, Brielle, and her mom, Carry. You’re… Continue Reading Brielle Teaches Ellen About the Human Body

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