When we die, we all have different ideas of what we want to happen to our bodies. Personally, I want my ashes to be scattered over the pool of a Trump hotel, out of respect. But for many people in Arizona, the afterlife is very different than what they expected.… Continue Reading The United Swing States of America – Arizona’s Grisly Body Donation Scams | The Daily Show

Last month I visited a body farm in Texas. So these are places where researchers take recently deceased human bodies and they essentially just leave them out to decompose. So this research, mainly it’s helpful when law enforcement come across a body under mysterious circumstances, maybe a murder, and they… Continue Reading The fascinating process of human decomposition

Everyone dies. It’s kind of a bummer but it’s inevitable. Humans have entire philosophies and religions dedicated to the contemplation of what happens once our bodies stop working, but unless you’re a mortician, how much thought do you give to what happens to your flesh and blood after you die?… Continue Reading What We Do With Dead Bodies