[♩INTRO] More than eighteen hundred people have died so far in the second largest Ebola outbreak in history. But doctors on the front lines now have a new weapon. Two of them, actually, because a clinical trial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo revealed two new treatments which can… Continue Reading We Can Cure Ebola! (Mostly—Which Is Better Than Rarely) | SciShow News

Love you Cassey! Please, please come to DC! You have tons of POPsters here! You’re such an inspiration to a lot of people! You shouldn’t give advice when you’re so fat trainer? really? Tone up the belly fat and love handles Why do all trainers have a six pack but… Continue Reading The “Perfect” Body

But all they do is try Woke up on a lonely day She can’t help but wonder why, yeah Punk star Many men have tried to save her but all they do is try (All they do is try) Woke up on a lonely day, she can’t help but wonder… Continue Reading Lil Peep – When I Lie (Lyrics)

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hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with chocolate croissants that’s right remember that time we made croissants but we saved half the dough so we can make something else later well these chocolate croissants are something else and are they ever I mean I’ve been quoted as… Continue Reading Chocolate Croissants – Food Wishes – Pain au Chocolat

Just try me Yeah Pain is beauty I will tell you Even now I’m still a lonely girl This crossroads appeared many times Everytime someone is chosen again Between Yes or No, you prefer to stay invisible Nobody can understand why, I don’t want to get hurt I stay quiet… Continue Reading ちゃんみな – PAIN IS BEAUTY (Official Music Video)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Have you ever had a dream where you died? No. I usually do the killing in my dreams. So how do you feel about me? You’re so kinky. I’m not that kind of guy. I mean, I don’t know even know what happened. Are you okay? You’ve been… Continue Reading Catherine: Full Body – Fine Wine Trailer | PS4

– There are people who have migraine very sparingly, and it could be once a month, it could be once a year, or just few episodes lifetime. But if you look at how many people have migraines it’s about 25% of all women, maybe about 10% of men, and if… Continue Reading If You Get a Migraine Will You Always Get Them? – Adel Olshansky, MD – Neurologist

My neurology follow-up went great and I have a new and improved migraine control plan Jaquie: We’re going on an adventure! Judd: Ha, you’ve got freezing cold hands! Oh! Ha ha ha ha! Good Monday morning everyone. I am just a little bit out of breath this morning Because I… Continue Reading ✔ Neurology Check Up | New Migraine Control Plan 👊 (7/3/17)